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Welcome to Sleep Central!

Congratulations on taking control of your health and your sleep! Getting your PAP therapy machine is an exciting milestone. The overwhelming majority of PAP device patients have more energy, increased alertness, and reduced secondary health issues from sleep apnea when they are compliant with therapy. 

Our Sleep Central team will help track your sleep therapy compliance and perform friendly follow-up as needed. You can rest easy knowing that trained Sleep Coaches are available to answer questions around the clock – we’re only a phone call away!

Equipment Information

Mask Information

Mask parts and the corresponding instructions are included in your device shipment. If you have questions about your particular mask, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

cleaning and maintenance

Taking proper care of your CPAP/BiPAP mask and accessories is crucial for successful sleep therapy. This printable provides easy-to-follow instructions and tips for cleaning and disinfection. 


cpap supply replacement

Even with regular cleaning and disinfection cushions, masks, tubing, and humidifier chambers should be replaced regularly to prevent bacteria build up. Mask cushions and pillows deteriorate and become less pliable with use, but regular replacement will provide a leak-free mask fit and decrease over-tightening of the headgear. 

Medicare and most insurance plans cover timely replacement of your CPAP or BiPAP supplies. Sleep Central will verify that you are ready for new supplies according to your insurer’s guidelines. Typical replacement guidelines recommend:

calendar with markings every two weeks

Every two weeks

Every Two Weeks

Nasal Mask Cushion, Nasal Pillows, and Disposable Filters
calendar highlighting one date in a month

every month

every month

Full Face Mask Cushion
calendar marked once every three months

Every three months

Every three months

Full Face Mask, Nasal Mask, Nasal Pillow Mask, Tubing
calendar marked every 6 months

every six months

every six months

Headgear, Chinstrap, Non-Disposable Filters, Humidifier Water Chamber

frequently asked questions

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure or CPAP therapy works by creating positive air pressure within the back of the throat preventing airway collapse and apnea. This positive pressure pushes out on the walls of the throat, creating an “air splint” within the airway in much the same way that air pressure within a balloon pushes out on the walls of the balloon preventing it from collapsing.

Positive pressure is delivered by the CPAP machine to the airway by a mask that is worn over the nose (called a nasal mask) or over the nose and mouth (called a full face mask).

Bi-level Positive Airway Pressure delivers two different pressures to the airway. One during inspiration, and a lower pressure during exhalation. Some patients find this to be more comfortable than a single continuous pressure.

Most patients are able to use PAP therapy without significant problems after a period of acclimating to the mask and pressure. Don’t be surprised if it takes a little time to get used to! Other problems can be soreness around the nose and mouth, irritation to the eyes, problems tolerating the pressure, claustrophobia, dry nose or mouth, difficulty sleeping, or nasal congestion. If any of these occur, contact us. We’re here to help! 

Medicare and most insurance plans cover regular replacement of your CPAP supplies, and Sleep Central makes it easy for you to get your new supplies when you need them! 

Our resupply schedule can give you general guidelines for when you’ll need to replace parts like your mask, headgear, hose, filters, and water chamber. Your insurance plan may have different guidelines you need to follow to ensure your mask and accessories are covered; be sure to check with them if you have questions.

At Sleep Central, we make it easy to order new PAP therapy supplies! Order online, through easy online chat, or over the phone at (800) 288-1853.

We can also contact you! Sleep Central will work with your insurance plan’s rules and contact you through our automated system when it’s time to replace your supplies. 

If your insurance plan allows for automatic supply replacement, you can opt into our most convenient method: Our SleepWELL™ VIP Supply Replacement Program. Enrolling is easy; just ask!

Generally, used CPAP supplies are not accepted for curbside recycling.

Contact your local recycling center or company to see if they can accept used equipment. Some municipalities have “Hard to Recycle” collection days to provide responsible and convenient disposal for items ineligible for curbside recycling.

Even the best filtered water can still contain minerals — and minerals can cause hard-to-clean build-up in your water chamber. 


You should be using your CPAP every time you sleep, whether that’s in your bed, a hotel room, or out in nature! TSA is very familiar with PAP devices which are considered medical devices under the Americans with Disabilities Act. You can bring your device with you as a carry-on item. 

If you’re spending a night in a tent, you can always use an external battery like the Portable Outlet to power your device.

Everything you need to get started is right there in your shipment!

If you’re interested in optional accessories like CPAP Pillows, hose wraps, or mask and accessory cleaning products, please check out for a full selection. 

additional patient education information