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Chronic wounds affect 6.5 million patients in the United States – and that number is only expected to grow.1

Proper wound care is critical, especially for older adults, to help you live a more comfortable and productive life. Even small wounds can lead to health complications when not properly cared for. 

One of the most important parts in the healing process for a chronic wound is using the right wound care supplies. Rotech offers state-of-the-art Negative Pressure Wound Therapy solutions and a full selection of wound care products to help make sure you get the right treatment and supplies to help prevent infection, lessen the chance of complications, and start the healing process.

Combining the best of both worlds for optimal patient wound care!

Negative pressure wound therapy

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Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Genadyne XLR8 NPWT Pump

What is negative pressure wound therapy?
Negative pressure wound therapy uses an airtight dressing and negative pressure to promote healing in wounds. NPWT encourages blood circulation and healing and can reduce the number of dressing changes and the risk of infection.

How does negative pressure wound therapy work?
A wound is packed with a special dressing, then sealed with transparent film and connected to a drainage tube. That tube connects to the vacuum pump which removes excess fluid from the wound bed, creating a moist environment and reducing edema.

What kind of wounds benefit from NPWT?
Negative Pressure therapy is beneficial for skin grafts, burns, chronic persistent wounds, wounds with excessive drainage, diabetic ulcers, acute complicated wounds, and wounds at a high risk of infection.

Wound Care Renasys Go Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Device

Wound Care Supplies

Rotech also offers an extensive line of wound care products from leading manufacturers, delivered to your door. Whether you need traditional wound care supplies like gauze, tape, and wraps or advanced wound care products like hydrogels, gelling fibers, and hydrocolloids, we’re sure to carry the products you are looking for from names you trust. From alginates to wraps, we’ve got you – and your wounds – covered.

We not only carry the products you need, but we make the process of getting your supplies as simple as possible. Our knowledgeable team of wound care and insurance experts are happy to assist you.

To find out more about how Rotech can help with your wound care, talk to your local Rotech office!

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Official Supplier of Hidrawear

 What is HidraWearHidraWear is the world’s first  &  only  purposely  designed  wound  care  system  for  people  with  Hidradenitis  Suppurativa.


HidraWear is a wearable wound care solution that requires no adhesives for wound dressing fixation in the axilla, groin, and buttocks. It is intended for home use to better enable self-management of HS wounds. HidraWear represents a brand-new category in wound care and is a multi-award-winning medical device*. Want to learn more about HidraWear? Contact your Rotech location today!



*1st Place, Journal of Wound Care Innovation in Wound Care Award 2020, Irish Times Innovation Awards 2020

Why use Hidrawear for Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

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