An Extension of Your Care

We understand that early identification and intervention is a top priority for every healthcare professional. That’s why Rotech uses our unique CarePLUS™ approach – it’s your expert and quality care, plus our eyes and ears in your patient’s home. Through CarePLUS™, we coordinate vital services with your prescribed orders to provide the best quality care and customer service excellence for patients.

CarePLUS™ Identifies Patient Needs

As an extension of your care, we are your eyes and ears in your patients’ homes. We train our employees to look for signs that a patient may need additional assistance in their home. When a patient shares they are having issues, or our team finds other opportunities to improve their quality of life, we will bring you that information and work with you to coordinate care. From additional needs, such as a hospital bed, wheelchair, or other home healthcare equipment, to essential updates on your patient’s condition, we’re here to serve as a partner and keep your patients living well at home.

CarePLUS™ Overnight Oximetry

Oximetry testing produces a complete report of the patient’s nighttime saturation levels. We can make it easy and coordinate testing for you through a Medicare-approved Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility. Overnight oximetry testing is usually performed:

To learn how CarePLUS™ can help improve your patient’s care, contact us today.