Sleep Apnea Management

SleepWELL™ Program

Rotech Healthcare specializes in providing the highest quality CPAP equipment and supplies used to treat sleep apnea across the United States. We strive to improve patients’ quality of life and CPAP compliance rates by helping them get the most out of sleep therapy and a better night’s sleep.

We provide the most advanced state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and patient follow-up. Our sleep therapy machines track and record usage data to support the patient’s compliance requirements. Our exclusive CPAP EMT (Evaluate – Monitor – Track) software allows us to event manage and track compliance for our CPAP patients. It’s used by a highly trained specialized team of CPAP specialists and respiratory therapists and helps Rotech achieve best-in-class CPAP compliance rates.

We can even provide patient compliance reports with useful data like usage time, large mask leaks, and estimated AHI for determining sleep therapy compliance and treatment effectiveness.

Our compliance rate averages 85% -- well above the industry standard!

Our comprehensive SleepWELL™ Program gives patients the extra resources they need to manage their sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment successfully.

Personalized setup with detailed instructions, individualized mask fitting, and a wealth of patient education material starts patients off on the right foot. Our CPAP Compliance Team checks in with patients, reviews their progress, and can assist them with compliance issues during the crucial first 90 days of treatment. 

Our trained Patient Care Coordinators ensure that patients receive the ongoing support needed for treatment success. Rotech Patient Care Coordinators regularly contact patients to monitor customer satisfaction, address any questions about treatment, and to replenish home respiratory equipment and supplies such as masks, filters, and tubing.

SleepWELL™ services include:

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