At Rotech, we believe respiratory and medical equipment should improve your life, not limit it.

empowering you to manage your health and treatment at home.

We believe in getting it right the first time, and making sure our patients receive quality, convenient care and outstanding customer service throughout their patient journey.

Our value-based connected care approach and comprehensive selection of home medical equipment and services mean you can rest assured that we’re ready to meet your needs, even as they change. We want to make sure you have the knowledge and confidence to use and maintain your equipment. Our well-trained team is always ready to answer questions. We will make sure you feel comfortable and capable.

Here, you can find information regarding insurance and online payment. You’ll also find educational materials and tools like instructional videos for learning more about your home respiratory treatment. We even have a blog for all the latest news about sleep, respiratory health, and Rotech!

Patient Information Booklet

The Patient Information Booklet contains important information about our partnership with you regarding your home medical equipment needs. It is an important reference tool to answer many of your questions including: our company, our services, financial, billing and payment policies, your rights and responsibilities, emergency preparedness, complaint resolution, programs and policies, privacy of information and the terms of agreement.

Home Medical Equipment Booklet

The Home Medical Equipment Booklet contains important information about the home medical equipment you receive. You should thoroughly read the applicable instructions for any product being delivered or shipped to you. The information includes an overview, operating instructions, safety and cleaning instructions. Contact your hometown location with any additional questions about the proper use of your equipment.


Rotech participates with most insurance companies and the majority of large nationwide plans to provide our services to thousands of patients nationwide.

We maintain close relationships with physicians and insurance providers to serve as an ongoing source of information for each patient and help you follow your prescribed treatment plan. To ask about the insurance plans we accept, please contact your closest Rotech location.

Rotech's patient portal

Take ownership of your Rotech account information through our patient portal. The My Patient Portal gives you access to your digitally-signed documents, the ability to update personal information, view upcoming appointments, receive reorder reminders, track shipping from Sleep Central, and more! 

the rotech app

Rotech’s mobile app makes all your information available where you want it most: on your mobile device. Now all of your patient information is available at your fingertips, with available push notifications and a friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. Download the app in the App Store or on Google Play!