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Millions of Americans who live with respiratory diseases like COPD, lung disease, heart failure, and sleep apnea benefit from oxygen therapy. Studies have shown that oxygen therapy early in the diagnosis of some respiratory conditions can not only improve a patient’s quality of life but prolong it!

What is oxygen?

Oxygen is part of the air that we breathe into our lungs every time we take a breath. Air goes into your lungs, and the oxygen passes into your bloodstream. Then, it’s transported to every part of your body.

Why do I need supplemental oxygen?

Supplemental oxygen therapy is prescribed to patients who aren’t getting enough oxygen on their own. It increases the amount of oxygen available and improves the overall quality of lung function. In these instances, an oxygen concentrator can make more oxygen available to the patient, making it easier for them to breathe.

How does an oxygen concentrator work?

An oxygen concentrator takes room air, compresses and filters it, and delivers purified oxygen to the user, usually through a nasal cannula or a mask. Because an oxygen concentrator makes its own oxygen, it does not need to be filled, like oxygen tanks.

Are there benefits to using oxygen?

Multiple studies have shown that using oxygen as prescribed improves quality of life and leads to a longer life. Some people feel dramatically different after they start using oxygen. Immediate improvements can include less shortness of breath, increased stamina, better tolerance of activity, more restful sleep, improved memory, and clearer thinking. Others may see little or no change in the way they feel. Whether or not you feel immediate effects, using oxygen as prescribed will result in long-term benefits.

Have more questions? Here are more resources to answer common questions about home oxygen therapy:

We want to make sure our patients have the support they need to use their oxygen therapy successfully. If you have additional questions, please call your closest location.

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