Home Oxygen Therapy

Home Oxygen Therapy

home oxygen therapy

Millions of Americans who suffer from respiratory diseases benefit from oxygen therapy.  Studies have shown that use of oxygen therapy early in the diagnosis of a respiratory condition not only improves a patient’s quality of life, it can also prolong it.  

The air we inhale travels to the respiratory system’s main hub of organs and tissues, energizing the airways and lungs to help us properly breathe.  To increase the amount of oxygen and improve the overall quality of lung function, supplemental oxygen therapy is prescribed to patients who aren’t getting sufficient amounts of oxygen on their own.  In these instances, an oxygen concentrator (a device used to provide oxygen therapy to a patient at substantially higher concentrations than available in room air) is used to improve a patient’s oxygen levels, making it easier for them to breathe.

Rotech provides a full line of oxygen equipment including concentrators and portable cylinders for home and travel use. Our trained Patient Service Technicians will provide education and set up the equipment in the comfort of your home.  

Learn more about how to get your oxygen supplies and equipment order started.  

For additional resources on home oxygen therapy, please review the material below:

We want to make sure our patients have every possible resource at their disposal; therefore, we invite you to contact one of our licensed respiratory clinicians - available to provide 24 hour phone support.



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