Supply Management & Replacement

Importance of Regularly Cleaning & Replacing CPAP Supplies

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To stay healthy and get the most effective treatment, it is very important to properly maintain and replace your equipment on a regular basis.  Normal usage of your CPAP device will naturally result in a limited equipment lifespan due to the breakdown of certain standard materials in supplies, such as masks, headgear and hoses.  Your CPAP supplies should be replaced on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the maximum benefits from your therapy – and to reduce the risk of problems such as equipment failure, skin irritation, and even infection!

Routine and proper cleaning of your CPAP supplies is also essential for every SleepWELL™ sleep apnea patient.  Even with routine cleaning, normal usage results in a type of breakdown within the supplies that can lead to an increased risk of infection.  Germ growth is common in the tubing and mask portion of your CPAP device and only proper cleaning, drying and regular replacement can help keep the device and all accessories unsoiled, effective and harm-free.


Replacing Your CPAP Supplies Has Never Been Easier!

Verifying Supply Replacement Coverage

Medicare and most insurance plans cover regular replacement of your CPAP supplies, and Rotech makes it easy for you to get your new supplies when you need them. 

Not sure when you might need new supplies? Click here for a convenient supply replacement schedule.

We Can Contact You - We will work with your insurance plan’s rules and contact you when it’s time to replace your supplies. Rotech’s automated phone system will ask you questions and validate that you are ready for the supplies before shipping them to your home.  Some insurance plans require us to contact you every 90 days to assess the supplies you have on hand. 

You Can Contact Us – Not everyone likes getting calls at home.  For your convenience, you can also order your supplies online at or call one of our helpful Sleep Central Representatives at (800) 288-1853.

You Can Be a SleepWELL™ VIP – The most convenient option of them all!  If your insurance plan allows for automatic supply replacement, you can opt into the SleepWELL™ VIP Supply Replacement Program.  Enrolling is easy – just contact your local Rotech company!

As a member of our SleepWELL™ VIP Program, you will receive special benefits like:

  • Automatic Supply Replacement – No need to wait for a phone call. No wondering when your supplies will be sent.
  • Free Shipping – Your supplies will be shipped directly to your home for free. No need to go to the location for your supplies.
  • SleepWELL™ VIP Hotline – Members have access to an exclusive VIP Hotline, with 24 hour on-call Sleep Central staff (including a full-time Respiratory Therapist) available to assist you.
  • Membership Privileges – Patients enrolled in the SleepWELL™ VIP Program receive extra benefits such as: our SleepWELL™ patient email newsletter, preferred clinic appointments, and preferred service when you travel - from any of our hundreds of locations nationwide!


REMEMBER: Routine replacement of CPAP and BiPAP supplies is crucial to managing your sleep apnea and overall health; learn more about how to get your replacement supplies and equipment order started. 



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