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NIVnow™ - Rotech's Non-Invasive Ventilation Program

Rotech’s NIVnow program gives patients the extra resources they need to manage their non-invasive ventilation treatment successfully. With NIVnow, your patients can make positive changes in their quality of life -- and they can do it now!

Through our support center, a staff of specially-trained Ventilator Case Managers provides patients with direct customer support 24/7, ensuring that patients receive the ongoing support needed for treatment success.  Rotech Ventilator Case Managers work with Respiratory Clinicians to help our patients stay compliant and get the most out of their NIV therapy.

NIVnow™ services include:

Individual Plans of Care - Each patient will have an individualized, comprehensive plan of care

Patient and Caregiver Education - Supporting patients and caregivers with the knowledge and confidence they need to be successful with NIV therapy

Customized Vent Therapy Compliance Coaching - State-of-the-art technology, patient interfaces, and equipment set up by trained healthcare professionals

Ongoing In-Home Follow-Ups with a Respiratory Clinician - Patient contact and focus with regularly scheduled and as-needed visits from a clinician

Portable Ventilators  - to ensure patients remain as active as possible

Supply Replenishment - Periodic patient follow-up for continued patient compliance and promotion of infection control

Dedicated Hotline for 24/7 Clinical Support - Trained professionals available 24/7 for questions and troubleshooting

To learn how NIVnow™ can help improve your patient’s care, contact us today.