COPDbridge™ - Reduce 30-Day COPD Readmissions!

Rotech's COPDbridge program will help your COPD patients manage their care and monitor their condition to avoid 30-day hospital readmissions. Rotech will help extend patient care beyond hospital discharge and provide daily monitoring, data collection, and follow-up to help keep your patients at home and out of the hospital. 

COPDbridge™ services include:

Weekly Visits with a Respiratory Therapist - in the first 30 days following discharge, including a physical assessment, smoking cessation options (if applicable), and a review of nutrition and medication.

Consistent Follow-up - We'll work closely with your COPD patients to ensure they understand the importance of using their medication and taking ownership in monitoring and managing their condition at home. 

COPDbridge 30-Day Journal - Patients receive a journal that includes entries to record their progress, keep track of any issues, and provide helpful resources.

Educational Resources - We make patient education and equipment information available online, accessible from anywhere on any internet-capable device.

Follow-up Documentation  - Sent directly to the hospital and physician.

To learn how to enroll your COPD patient discharges in COPDbridge™, contact us today!