Resmed Mask Magnet Update

Resmed Mask Magnet Update

Resmed Masks with Magnets

Potential Magnetic Interference with Certain Medical Devices

In response to new information from latest industry practices and global safety data, ResMed is updating the Contraindications and Warnings in our User Guides to instruct patients on the safe use of ResMed masks with magnets.

  • Contraindications: conditions under which the mask is not to be used.
  • Warnings: identify a possible hazard and provide information on how to safely use the mask.

Please reference the links and information below to determine if your mask is affected. Contraindicated patients can avoid the potential harm from magnetic interference by using an alternative mask without magnets. All other patients using ResMed masks with magnets can continue to use the mask following the updated Instructions for Use.

Resources from Resmed

impacted masks

These masks may continue to be used according to the updated instructions and labeling if patients or people in close proximity to them do not have implanted metallic medical devices or metallic objects in the body.

  • AirFit F20, AirFit F20 for Her
  • AirTouch F20, AirTouch F20 for Her
  • AirFit F30
  • AirFit F30i
  • AirFit N10, AirFit N10 for Her
  • AirFit N20, AirFit N20 for Her
  • AirTouch N20, AirTouch N20 for Her
  • AirFit F20 NV

Consumers with questions may contact ResMed at 1-800-424-0737 or online at