Overnight Oximetry

Overnight Oximetry

Overnight Oximetry

CarePLUS™ Overnight Oximetry

Rotech’s CarePLUS™ Overnight Oximetry Services

Overnight oximetry is a test used to monitor the amount of oxygen in your blood during a night of rest. As a vital part of the initial evaluation process for respiratory disease, overnight oximetry helps to determine the need to start, continue, or increase home oxygen therapy for your respiratory condition.

The device used to record oxygen levels in the blood is called an oximeter. During an overnight oximetry test, an oxygen sensor is placed on your finger. It sends essential data to the oximeter which measures and records your heart rate and oxygen levels in your blood while you sleep. Oximeters can be used during sleep or for spot checks during waking hours.

There are several benefits to overnight oximetry:

We share data collected from the oximeter with your physician, who will use it to help determine if you will benefit from oxygen therapy.

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