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Falls and injuries can happen to the best of us, regardless of age.  For those who have balancing difficulty, are more prone to risk of falling due to age-related conditions, are disabled, or need temporary assistance getting around on a day-to-day basis - a walker or cane may be prescribed by your doctor to give you extra support.  Both walkers and canes can give you more confidence and the ability to more safely maneuver on your feet.



At Rotech, our walkers give you the stability you need to get around easier.  Traditionally, walkers have four legs and either two or four wheels - depending on your ability to handle the walker and if you need more or less assistance.  Wheels allow you to propel more easily and glide rather than picking up the walker each time you take a step.  Walkers are adjustable to your height, which is important for your safety and effective use of the walker.



Whether you need help staying balanced or need assistance walking, canes improve your stability as you move around.  Standard canes include a grip for comfort and nonskid rubber tips to help prevent you from slipping.  At Rotech, we carry both quad canes with four tips and standard one tip canes, which may be adjusted to your height for maximum comfort.

Our canes are able to help you get around indoors, outdoors, on flat surfaces, up and down stairs and move freely in and out of chairs.  Regular replacement of the rubber tip is necessary due to normal wear and tear to ensure your continued safety and support.

We will adjust the cane or walker appropriately for your height, provide training on how to properly use your new walker or cane and review instructions on how to properly clean and take care of your equipment. We will help you maximize the useful life of your walker or cane, and in turn, reduce your risk of a fall due to improperly maintained equipment.

Once your doctor has prescribed a suitable walker or cane for your daily needs, Rotech specialists will work with you and your dedicated team of healthcare providers to determine the best fit for your lifestyle, abilities and needs.

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