Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Caretaker and patient holding hands

What is negative pressure wound therapy?

Negative pressure wound therapy uses an airtight dressing and negative pressure to promote healing in wounds. NPWT encourages blood circulation and healing and can reduce the number of dressing changes and the risk of infection.


How does negative pressure wound therapy work?

A wound is packed with a special dressing, then sealed with transparent film and connected to a drainage tube. That tube connects to the vacuum pump which removes excess fluid from the wound bed, creating a moist environment and reducing edema.


What kind of wounds benefit from NPWT?

  • Skin grafts
  • burns
  • Chronic persistent wounds
  • Wounds with excessive drainage
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Acute complicated wounds
  • Wounds at high risk of infection


Why use Rotech as your NPWT provider?

  • Easy intake process
  • Continuity of care with the Smith & Nephew RENASYS GO™
  • Experienced, dedicated wound care team
  • Smooth transition from an inpatient facility to a homecare setting
  • 24/7 clinical support
  • Insurance experts and in-network with most insurances

To find out more about how Rotech can help with your wound care, call your closest location today. 



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