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TipOFF™ - Readmission Risk Monitoring Program

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As a physician, even if you aren’t able to be with each patient on a daily basis, you should have confidence in knowing they are receiving quality care.  Rotech Healthcare is readily available to support your patients and takes pride in being an integral part of their ongoing care.  The TipOFF™ Readmission Risk Monitoring Program is our solution for helping decrease unnecessary ER visits and repeat hospitalizations, because we believe daily monitoring can alert patients and healthcare providers to critical signs and symptoms BEFORE they lead to readmission.  

If your patients aren’t getting the full benefits of their home respiratory equipment and therapies, it can lead to even more complications - which is why self-monitoring is a big part of our team approach to your patient’s treatment.  Our TipOFF™ Program includes:


An Extension of Your Care!

  • Overnight oximetry performed by an Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility (IDTF) to determine saturation levels during sleep
  • Pulse oximetry anytime with a small, lightweight fingertip oximeter conveniently available on a lanyard worn around your patient’s neck
  • Oximeter used for early detection of an exacerbation to TipOFF™ your patient to schedule an office visit before their condition worsens
  • Early treatment to reduce ER visits and hospitalizations for your patients


Daily Monitoring & Data Collection

  • We will provide a simple fingertip pulse oximeter and a COPD Management Journal for your enrolled patients to record their daily key indicators, including:
    • Oxygen saturation level
    • Rescue inhaler use
    • Symptoms such as: increased shortness of breath, increased wheezing, increased mucus production or change in color/consistency or chest tightness
    • Quality of sleep
    • Notes for any additional information you may require, such as blood pressure, weight, etc.

Our goal is to help patients better manage their health at home and avoid unnecessary hospital readmissions by monitoring their critical signs and symptoms daily. To learn how TipOFF™ can help improve your patient’s care, contact us today. 



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