Customer Testimonials


From a CPAP Patient in Oregon – I just wanted to pass along my thanks to a customer service member, Christen, for helping so nicely with an order issue. Not only was the issue resolved on the first try, but the rep also let me know about an upcoming order that will be due and was able to place a pre-order to better work with my deductibles. Having worked in email CS previously, I know it can be a tough job at times, and not always a lot of appreciation from customers, but I am very satisfied and this interaction speaks highly of the company overall. 

From a Traveling CPAP Patient in Colorado – I am just writing to let you know that Emily in your Westminster, CO office helped me get the CPAP supplies I needed and she did it professionally and quickly.  I only wish I had called there first! I just wanted to let someone else know that her quality service has gained Roth another client and many client referrals to come. Thanks so much!

From a Case Management Director at a Hospital in Georgia – You went above and beyond to help get our patient a wheelchair when she was discharged from Healthsouth. You are a great representative of the Rotech system. You are a blessing to our society. If I ever need anything, I will remember Rose from Georgia Med-Care.

From the Wife of a Longtime Oxygen Patient in North Carolina – I hope you know how much I appreciate you. How grateful I am for your kindness, and how deeply your thoughtfulness and consideration have touched me. Thank you for being there for us. I want to thank all of you for all the things you have done for my husband and I over the years. It was a pleasure to work with you.

From a CPAP Patient in Kentucky – WOW, just WOW!! First time I've ever contacted Rotech for help. I started by using online chat with Tina, and then subsequently with Kaitlyn. Both were above and beyond what I expect from customer service. Kaitlyn even took the time to call me to help me with my issue. I've never been helped to this degree by a health-care supply company to this amazing extent. Hats off to your team. Actually while composing this email, Kaitlyn called AGAIN to touch base. You have a great team in Murray, KY. There are not enough kind words to relay my appreciation for this over-and-above customer service!! 

From a VA Patient in New Mexico – I just wanted to let you know that here in Albuquerque, Major Medical has an employee who is not only polite, but very nice and dedicated to her job. I am a veteran and have been with Major for three or four years and Jennifer has always been great, knowledgeable, honest, pleasant—with a smile and always returns my call when I have a question. I was the owner of my own company for 30 years and good employees like her are far and very few. Customers always complain but don’t compliment the good workers. Please let her know. Thank you!

From a CPAP Patient in Florida – I began my interaction with your company as a result of a recent study my doctor ordered and discovered I have sleep apnea. My doctor’s office has not always been the most efficient during this entire process, but your facility has met and exceeded all my expectations. Particularly Janet. From the moment I began interactions with her, she has always been extremely professional and courteous. She followed up with my doctor’s office to request a corrected script and was kind enough to notify me that she had received the corrected form. In addition, she informed me about the insurance approval process from United Healthcare. I can go on and on about how good she is, but I am sure you get the point. She is a keeper! Great job and excellent customer service!

From a CPAP Patient in Colorado – I did not feel like my CPAP was getting any pressure and the water on the humidifier was not going down that much. Cassandra at Summit Respiratory in Colorado Springs handled the whole situation professionally and with a sense of human respect and compassion. Her actions and words gave me my dignity back and helped to resolve the issue. While I wait for the CPAP I have a loaner and the difference has been night and day. I am getting sleep again because the air pressure is there, I do not feel congested nor dried out, and I do not have a sore throat in the mornings. It is nice to have someone who understands your individual needs with both compassion and professionalism.

From the Family of an Oxygen Patient in Pennsylvania – Thank you so much for providing Dad’s oxygen these past two years. He recently passed away, but we had lots of good times to share because of portable oxygen! Special thanks to Tim at Provide Medical, who delivered it every week.

From a Grateful Patient in Massachusetts – Your wonderful medical care means so much. You make the world a better place for all those whose lives you touch. Hope all the good care you give others comes back to you. For your service—I express my gratitude. So grateful that I can rely on you. Thank you.

From a Relieved Patient in North Carolina – A sincere thanks for your assistance in every need of every question being answered and every assistance needed being answered immediately. A lot different than other places. Many thanks and a great relief knowing that this is the right place to be with. Thank you, Thank you all, Thank you all very much!

From an Oxygen Patient in Colorado – Being a customer service person myself, I want to complement Jose for his professionalism, attitude, and knowledge. He was very courteous and explained everything about the oxygen concentrator and cylinder he set up with true professionalism. If anything goes wrong with my DME item, I surely want him to come back. You have an exceptional employee and again I give him an 11 out of 10!

From the Family of a Nervous Patient in Texas – Last night my mother came home from the hospital with very serious health issues, and she was experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety about the days to come. You were sending some equipment to her house to assist in her road to recovery. Jerome from Rhema was an absolute delight. He made her feel comfortable and confident. He made her and my dad laugh and giggle. He was awesome. He put her and the whole situation at ease with his demeanor and personality. Thank goodness for the Jeromes of the world. He did a great job and I wanted to let you know. Thanks and have a blessed year.

From a CPAP Patient in Virginia – I just started getting my sleep apnea supplies from Rotech Home Medical Care in Staunton, Virginia. My experience with Rotech has been great. The people working at that location go above and beyond to treat their customers like they really matter. I have never written one to a company about customer service before, but I was so blown away by the staff in Staunton that I had to try to pass it on.

From a Nebulizer Patient in Arizona – First oxygen, then meds, then chest x-rays, and now a nebulizer. It was almost too much for me to comprehend—then Brian from All Care Respiratory Services walked into our home. He put me at ease immediately. What a compassionate young man! If all of your employees are as caring as Brian, you are a very lucky employer. Thanks for sending him to us.

From an Oxygen Patient in Tennessee – I just had the opportunity to have a problem solved by Regina at Fox Home Medical here in Maryville, TN—and it went great! Regina and her team contacted my doctor to get everything done by fax so I can get portable O2 and home-fill. She also helped me pay my bill and set it up for automatic monthly charge to my Visa. She’s top flight and wonderful, so I vowed to tell her supervisor.

From a COPD Patient in Maine – There is no way I can express how much I appreciate the caring, compassionate folks who see to my needs. I was certainly blessed when I chose Acadia Home Care for delivering my medical supplies! You folks go way beyond the call of duty. You genuinely care for the people you serve. You understand the ups and downs that come with COPD. When I’m feeling my worst, and I’m having myself a pity party, you stop and find a way to lift my spirits. You reassure me that my ever-changing emotions, anxiety, and fears of what’s to come are perfectly natural. Some of you have actually called me from your cell phone to check and see if I feel better because you felt that I was not doing very well on your last delivery at my place. How special do you think that makes me feel? Like a princess, of course!

From a DME Patient in Missouri – I would like to thank you for sending a young man named Alex from Heartland Home Health Care to me. I have the beginning stage of Alzheimer's disease and things are becoming a little hard to catch on to. Alex is always friendly and takes the time to explain things (like the walker) until I understand how to use it. I appreciate it so much and he represents your company excellently.

From a Veterans Administration Official in Vermont – I wanted everyone to know how awesome you and your entire staff are. On Friday, Brian & his staff at First Community Care were able to accommodate two serious and STAT orders that I received after 2PM—both Veterans facing new diagnoses and end-of-life issues. Unless you have gone through the dying process with a family member or loved one, you can’t possibly know the calming effect it has on your family to know the patient isn’t gasping for air, because the oxygen is in place for their total comfort. Brian and his staff improved the dismal outlook that both patients and family members were facing, and it truly goes beyond words. I am so PROUD to be associated with Rotech if this is what they do for our Veterans. Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart, and God bless.

From an Oxygen Patient in Oregon – My husband is a customer of your company. We wanted to tell you about our experience with Shane from Quest Health Care in Bend, OR. Shane is a credit to your company. He has always gone above the call of duty for us. We have had a couple of scary times when we thought the machine wasn’t working properly - this last incident was when Shane again came to our rescue because we messed up. We had no appointment, but he came straight away to help us. He is a true asset to your company and he really knows what Customer Service is all about.

From a Physician’s Office in Ohio – I wish we could refer more! I always feel like Teresa from Hook’s Oxygen & Medical Equipment goes above & beyond the extra mile for us. In addition, whenever I call your local Englewood office, Jennifer and Matt are always courteous and try to help in the same fashion. Especially when I need something faxed to us. Thank you!